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Acts of Kindness, Gatley 2017

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The aim is to simply 'put a smile back on someone's face and your own.' This could be anything from saying hello to a neighbour and stopping for a chat to volunteering some of your time with the many groups in the village. Callaghans were keen to be involved, to stand testament to the good will of the village. "We are open six days a week, 9-5.30pm and have been for over fifteen years. Over the years we have seen genuine, emotive acts from residents in the village. My own staff in particular inside and outside work are wonderful people, so I might sneak in a postcard or two when they are not looking!", says Sean Callaghan, Managing Director of Callaghans. 

Callaghans have placed their very own 'Acts of Kindness' postbox in their window. "We're encouraging adults and children to pop in and post their own acts of kindness or kind acts, if we see anything particularly generous we may let you know via our Facebook page, although posts can be kept anonymous if that is preferred."

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