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The average property price in SK8 is currently set at £283,103 with property prices dropping by 0.23% in the last 3 months - a small dip. Whilst in M20, average property prices are at £243,013, having dropped by 1.39% in the last 3 months. Therefore, in the short-term we're seeing that SK8 prices are holding better than properties in Didsbury and Withington.

However, that's just a snap-shot, my landlord, quite rightly wanted to know how things might play out longer-term.

This is what I found...

Over the last five years, property values in SK8 have risen by nearly 21% and in the same period in M20 by just 17.05%, meaning property values have increased 23% quicker in SK8. So again, we see that in the short and long-term SK8 performs better for property investment than our neighbours down the A34.

However, we know each landlord will have different needs and requirements for his property portfolio. Some landlord's prefer to rent out to a certain demographic, for example students in Withington or young families in Gatley. Each of these areas will have a gem or two – its just finding them and using the facts that you've already got to make that next sound investment.

Knowing what has happened to house prices in different towns over a substantial period enables us to spot any trends or opportunities for buy-to-let landlords.

We're happy to pass this information on.

If you would like to discuss the sales and rental market, feel free to pop into one of our offices in Heald Green and Gatley or alternatively email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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